If you are a Volkswagen driver who lives around Miamisburg, you probably know how important it can be to keep your vehicle well-maintained. When Autumn comes, it is essential to make sure your vehicle recovers from any wear and tear accumulated during the summer and that it is ready for the winter. Here are some Fall vehicle maintenance tips so you can optimize your vehicle at White Allen Volkswagen as the weather cools and the days get shorter.

Replace or Top Off Your Fluids

As the days get colder in Centerville, it's important to make sure that your vehicle's fluids are up to date. Colder weather can be tough on engines, so be sure to check your vehicle's oil and replace it if need be. A well-lubricated engine can go a long way toward preventing issues in the winter. Be sure to check your windshield fluid as well; Autumn rains will make it easier for dirt and contaminants on the road in Kettering to get on your windshield, so you will want to clean that off as soon as possible.

Check Your Tires

Did you do a lot of summer driving around Springboro? You might want to make sure your tire's treads are still good. You can always do the penny test to see if your vehicle's treads are in optimal shape. Just stick a penny into your tires' treads and see if the treads reach Abraham Lincoln's head. If it does, the tread is still good; if not, you might want to get new tires at our .

Test Your Heating System

Maybe you haven't used your car's heating in months. In that case, you will want to test it out early in the fall before you really need it. If your heating system needs any new parts, you can find them in our Parts and Accessories Department.

Bring Your Vehicle to White Allen Volkswagen for Fall Maintenance

If you live near Beaver Creek and need maintenance for your Volkswagen vehicle this fall, be sure to bring it to the Service Center at White Allen Volkswagen. Our expert technicians know Volkswagen vehicles inside and out and can make sure your vehicle is ready for Autumn weather. To schedule service at our dealership, contact us today!

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