We Buy Cars

Our Dayton, OH Volkswagen dealership is obviously a great place to find an amazing deal when buying your next car, but did you know you can also sell to us? Even if you're not using it as a trade-in, we want you to sell your car to White Allen Volkswagen using our handy online resources and finding a quick and easy way to unload your outgoing vehicle. There are many benefits in selling to us, so get started with our online evaluation tool, then bring the car you're looking to sell in from Miamisburg, Centreville or Kettering today to get started.

Why Sell Here in Dayton?

Beyond our promise to deliver the best value possible when buying your vehicle, which we determine through a quick yet thorough appraisal process and using Kelley Blue Book evaluations, there are many benefits in selling to us here in Dayton. First of all, you'll avoid all kinds of potential pitfalls you may find around Springboro and Beaver Creek when selling privately. Private buyers can be unreliable, may not have the financing to actually purchase your vehicle, or can leave you without contact, costing you time and money when trying to unload your car. Here at our Volkswagen dealership near Kettering, we'll know pretty early during this process if we'll make an offer or not.

Trading In or Simply Selling?

In the past, and even right now around Centreville and Dayton, many dealerships only buy if you're buying from them. Here at White Allen Volkswagen, we don't force you to buy from us as we're looking to expand our pre-owned lineup. Whether it's a like-new Volkswagen, an older Jetta, Passat or Tiguan, or any other kind of vehicle, we'll consider buying from you, all with an easy appraisal process and the promise of a fair offer.

Of course if you are selling your older ride, chances are you'll need something to replace it with. By trading in your vehicle, you'll go through a similarly easy and efficient appraisal process and receive the same kind of offer with a fair value, all while off-setting a significant portion of the costs of your lease or purchase. This is achieved in a few clever ways. First of all, whatever you earn for your trade-in will lower the total price of your next new Volkswagen or used car you're buying here in Dayton. That means you finance at a lower total cost, which lowers how much interest you'll pay. You'll also off-set some of the sales taxes you'll owe, thus lowering two kinds of extra costs that really tend to add up with a major purchase on any kind of vehicle.

Take Your Time Considering Our Offer

Just like we expect you to take your time when deciding on what kind of new Volkswagen or pre-owned vehicle you're leasing or buying here in Dayton, you'll want to mull things over when it comes to our offer for the car you're selling. We provide you with a 7-day period to either accept our fair offer or walk away to shop your outgoing ride elsewhere. When you do accept, we can then apply that value toward your next VW lease or used car loan structure, or we'll cut you a check that you can cash or deposit and use that money however you please.

Do you have a quality car to sell? Here at White Allen Volkswagen, we'll buy from you even if you're not buying from us, so get started by filling out our online evaluation form, then visit us here in Dayton so we can guide you through our appraisal process.