What is Sign then Drive?

Volkswagen Sign & Drive is the easiest way to avoid a major down payment on your next new Volkswagen. This program is a unique VW leasing special which allows you to bundle the cost of your down payment into your regular monthly leasing payments.

How Do Sign & Drive Leases Work?

Although many Dayton drivers are likely to benefit from such a program, it's important to know the ins-and-outs before you commit to a leasing agreement. Just for starters, VW Sign & Drive benefits aren't always available. Although your local Volkswagen dealership might always offer a wide variety of leasing specials, as we do, most Sign & Drive bonuses are connected to specific sales and events.

Since you won't be making a down payment, you might expect your monthly payments to be higher than average. In fact, since Sign & Drive leases are designed to offer the affordable monthly rate that you need, you shouldn't necessarily expect to pay more month-to-month.

It's important to note that saving on your down payment doesn't mean you'll be exempt from taxes or associated leasing fees. You'll still deliver the total amount due to the dealership where you signed your leasing contract.

Can I Qualify for a VW Sign & Drive Lease?

No matter which Volkswagen finance agreement you're searching for, discovering whether or not you're likely to qualify is one of the most important early steps. As far as Sign & Drive leasing agreements are concerned, the question of your qualifications will center around your credit score. After all, since your not making a large down payment, the lessor takes on a greater amount of risk in offering you the new vehicle. They'll want to be certain that you can make payments before they hand over the keys, and of course, higher credit is directly correlated with desirable outcomes.

If you're worried that you won't qualify for a Sign & Drive lease, don't give up! First of all, there are more than a few ways for lessees to improve their credit before they visit the dealership. Second, you should know that the Volkswagen finance team at White-Allen Volkswagen is happy to sit down and talk about your options.

Is Volkswagen Sign & Drive Right for You?

We've talked about the benefits of the Sign & Drive program, and helped you learn more about qualifying. Still, one crucial question remains: Is leasing with the Sign & Drive program the right choice for you?

Although the chance to save on your down payment might seem too good to pass up, some drivers simply prefer buying vs leasing. Leasing agreements often include mileage limitations, and most prevent you from making significant modifications to your vehicle. If you can't live without regular road trips, or want to reflect your unique personality with Volkswagen accessories, financing your purchase is probably a preferable option.